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Limited Capacity Per Year

For sons and daughters of U.S. Based Farmworkers applying to a graduate business school program within 3 years.

RFDF MBA Fellows receive scholarship awards that range from $250 - $10,000 in money and services to pursue and complete an MBA program.

- GMAT/ GRE Test Preparation
- School Selection & Strategy
- MBA Application Assistance
- Scholarships / Financial Aid

The Rising Farmworker Dream Fund (RFDF) is a non-profit organization focused on improving the lives of migrant and seasonal farmworkers. Visit to learn more about RFDF.
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Thank you for applying to the RFDF MBA Fellowship program. We will review your application in the next 72 hours and get back to you shortly. We encourage you to also sign-up through to be listed on the RFDF Stock Exchange, which may generate additional funds for your education.

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